TrainPro's Mission

To train and prepare new and incoming immigrants to Canada on the basics of Canadian construction, to help them join the Canadian workforce and get settled in Canada

About TrainPro

Most immigrants, even the skilled and educated ones, struggle to find meaningful and lasting employment due to many reasons such as difficulty gaining Canadian work experience, lack of professional networks, employers not recognizing international certifications, etc.

TrainPro is an online platform that trains new and incoming immigrants on the basics of Canadian construction. TrainPro users can improve their employability and ensure the utmost safety at jobsites by completing courses presented in the platform and earning their certifications.

Employers will also be assured of the employees’ capabilities, knowing they are trained for the job. In addition, using the job-employee matching service provided in the platform, employers would have the ability to fill the gaps in their labour supply.

Our Benefits

Professional Training

Construction-focused courses developed by skilled and expert professionals in the field

Online Community

Get acquainted with newcomers same as yourself and help each other through the journey

Personalized Experience

Courses and trainings will be tailored to your abilities for you to get the most out of it

Company Founders

Vahid Tavakoli Bina


  • Vahid leads core business strategy and is responsible for operationalizing the long-term vision of TrainPro.
  • He has experience in the construction field, working as an International Affairs Coordinator and now a Research & Development Director.
  • He is skilled in personal development and business management, with a focus on start-ups.

Farhad Faghani


  • Farhad is responsible for setting the technical direction for the product development of TrainPro.
  • He has Completed a BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering communication.
  • He is an assistant professor, supervising and advising the delivery of theses in the field of electrical engineering.

Shima Nikanjam


  • Shima manages and handles the daily business operations of the company, working closely with department heads and supervisors to support the day-to-day activity of employees.
  • She has over 6 years of solid experience in architectural management.
  • She has completed a Master’s degree in architecture.

Mohsen Goli

Software Team Lead

  • Mohsen coordinates efforts across teams to deliver software products successfully.
  • He has completed a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.
  • He has in depth knowledge of software and hardware, with 10 years of experience as an IT support expert.